Is individuality always good?

Do you know the problem when every PC in your company has a different configuration? For every issue one has to tediously search for an individual solution. That costs time and money. Stop the proliferation before it ties your business up.

Centralize and Standardize

We help you to save money. The redhosue GmbH stands for centralization and standardization in software. Because that is the most powerful tool to manage your IT structure fast and efficient. That means precisely that there are central guidelines and no computer specific settings. We set up unifrom rules and advise you if you want to set them up yourself. Software installation and updates for example will be installed central and every employee will have the same version on his computer. If there is a problem it only has to be solved on one machine. Every system will have the same status, everyone benefits from that. And you will too, because an effective IT is the growth engine of your company.


The redhouse GmbH is automating the installation of your operation system. If we reinstall your system we set it up with all required applications. That doesn't mean that you get the same installation as someone else. We will adapt the configuration to your requirements. Regular updates, for example security patches, are handled automatically and professional. Thus your system is always secure, without someone beeing kept busy with updates.

Best Practices

We won't advise you the cheapest solution, which will be more expensive in the long run, but recommend the best value for your money. Hence we comply to the Best-Practices-Guidelines by Microsoft.

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