How much is yet too little?

How much off time can you afford? Is 99% safety acceptable? At first glance it seems enough, but at an annual rate it's 3,5 days of failure.

We are honest and won't promise 100% security, but the best possible. The concept of the redhouse GmbH, to bring your system uptime on 99,99%, is based on many criteria:

Minimise downtime

First of all we avoid failures with our proactive monitoring sysmtem, before they accure. A warning system based on traffic lights (green, yellow, red) show failure risks fast and transparent.

Clustering yes, but right

Many see clustering as a cure-all solution against failures. But the best cluster won't help if it's not installed properly. But unfortunately that's often the case. We often find flawed installations because of missing experience and diligence. There is much unused potential that will help you to decrease downtime and costs.

Webservices and Design

Professional IT-management secures your system internal. Your website on the other hand, effects outwards. The first impression counts if a potential customer visits your website. Are the informations up-to-date and clearly arranged? Is the design appealing?

Just as important as the design is the page ranking, and if it is findable at all.

How satisfied are you with the technical realization? Has the "possible" been realized? And how can your pages be maintained and updated?

Those questions are crucial for the success of your web presence. The redhouse GmbH offer you in addition to our IT competence a professional web service package. We also provide you to differentiate which content of your website is presented within your Intranet and which are presented on the Internet. With the help of the content management system (CMS) from Microsoft we can offer you many opportunities.

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