Flexible help - From outsourcing to internal training

There are many ways to optimize processes and increase the efficiency, particulary in IT. Outsourcing enables you to save money and concentrate on core businesses. At the same time outsourcing is a flexible tool. From sourcing the internal administration out to relieving the administration to cloud services. Our customized assistance also includes Know-How transfer. For example with individual coaching, where we train your employees on-site to use new processes. ("learning by doing")

Remote Administration

Completely independant of your location is our support of your IT. Our service includes virtual private network (VPN)- and remote maintenance tools, not only for central server but also for every single desktop. Specially with server management (for example: the installation of updates or a quick maintenance), remote maintenance grants a remarkable time and cost saving. Gladly we can inform you how the redhouse GmbH can optimal support you.