Optimize your distribution on the web

With the eCommerce solution "TISA", marketed by redhouse GmbH, TETRA T4 business is optimized for the distribution channel of the Internet.

TISA is a webshop with all desirable features like article classification, article search, foreign language support, user administration and the support of various payment systems like Visa, direct debit or PayPal.

What sets TISA apart from the crowd?

What sets TISA apart from other eCommerce solutions is the complete integration into TETRA T4 business: From T4, you determine what is published on the Internet: articles, article descriptions, documents, pictures, videos, everything is managed centrally from T4. No data export / import is necessary anymore - every change in T4 business is displayed directly in the webshop.

Not only the current article stock is used, your customer base is also the "user base" of the webshop: This way, customer and even country-specific pricing is possible. Customer access to previous orders is also self-evident.

Generate your webshop from Tetra for business

You can even generate article-independent pages and other content from your website in T4 business.

Safety through a concept

In order not to endanger the integrity of your ERP database, works TISA with an SQL-database wich replicating the for the public intended data one-way.

TISA has been constantly developed over the past 10 years. Examples for productive use can be found at www.loser.de, www.zarodent.dk und www.zarodent.co.uk.

TISA: the best way to connect your T4 business with the internet.

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